Papastephanou Zafiropoulou

Franz Schubert in piano & voice

Friday 5 August 2016 - 21:30

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Concert with Alexandra Papastefanou (Piano) and Lenia Safiropoulou (Voice)
Tickets: €12
Free for kids under 12 years old

Alexandra Papastefanou – Piano
Lenia Safiropoulou – Voice

Organized by: ParosPark / Cyclades Cycle
“Swan Song” and “Songs On the Theme of Water” by the famous romantic composer Franz Schubert

The Swan Song is the last great vocal work by Franz Schubert. It was written a few months before the death of the composer and the decision to publish the whole work under this title was the publisher’s. I do not know if Schubert had consciousness or feeling that his life was reaching its end. However, the Swan Song, like other single songs at that time, among them “The Fisherman’s Happiness in Love” which we will play as well this Friday at Paros Park, is the most daring, valiant and genius that the composer has written. He leaves behind Classicism and Rococo, which were still evolving in his early songs. Ahead of him opens the whole ground of passionate hard romanticism, as a prophecy: the ground that Schumann, Brahms and the rest of the 19th century will nurture and explore. Generous and with great expressive extent, the Swan Song requires from the singer and the pianist a high sense of rhythm and dramaturgy, it is a challenge and a pleasure simultaneously. It’s one of those works where the composer overcomes the limits of his own elaboration and great personality, and reaching to the end it compiles in itself the previous, the following and all kinds of art.

Franz Schubert:

4 Songs On the Theme of Water

1. Fischerweise D.881
2. Die Forelle D.550
3. Auf dem Wasser zu singen D.774
4. Fischers Liebesglück D.933

Schwanengesang D.957

1. Liebesbotschaft – Message of love
2. Kriegers Ahnung – Warrior’s foreboding
3. Frühlingssehnsucht – Longing in spring time
4. Ständchen – Serenade
5. Aufenthalt – Resting place
6. In der Ferne – In the distance
7. Abschied – Farewell
8. Der Atlas – Atlas
9. Ihr Bild – Her image
10. Das Fischermädchen – The fisher-maiden
11. Die Stadt – The city
12. Am Meer – By the sea
13. Der Doppelgänger – The double
14. Taubenpost – Pigeon post