In 1982, on the 21st of June – the day of the summer solstice – with the initiative of Jack Lang, the French Minister of Culture at that time, Music Day or Make Music Day (from French translation Fête de la Musique or Faites de la Musique) was celebrated for the first time with the aim of “bringing out onto the streets all musicians”. Next year Music Day brought together 200.000 amateur and professional artists of every kind flooding public spaces, squares, streets, parks, concerts halls and all kinds of locations, presenting numerous gigs with the support of local authorities. Events ranged from classical to jazz, hip‐hop, rock, dance to traditional music always free for the public and thanks to the generous supporters and sponsors of Music Day. On this day everything is working in favor of Music. Amongst other, the state and municipal authorities are committed to allow sound “disturbance”, public transport organizations creates special routes with a single day ticket connecting main event locations while the post office publishes a special celebratory stamp.
European Music Day on Paros, 21 June at Paros Park

European Music Day at Paros Park

Sunday 21 June

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Free admission

Come celebrate the European Music Day with us at Paros Park on Sunday June 21. Experience the unique atmosphere of the Paros Park Festival together with the stunning beauty of the Cycladic landscape.

Enjoy a day dedicated exclusively to music and harmony. Dance the day and night away with us at the Paros Park with 5 live bands. Entrance is free.

European Music Day 2015 at Paros Park – Sunday 21 June from 21:00 Traditional Music from Crete at Paros Park Traditional Music from Crete on Paros

We’ll start the evening at 21:00 with a “souma” and
Traditional Music from Crete:

  • Nikolas Venetakis
  • Alexandros Passos

Listen to A’ Thelome →

22:00 Petros Ventouris at Paros Park European Music day with Petros Ventouris
Our Parian friend takes over with his melodious ballads and his band!

  • Petros Ventouris
  • Maria Karetsou
  • Yiannis Kontaratos

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23:00 Banda Valeu at Paros Park Banda Valeu at Paros Park
Then we head to Brazil with
Banda Valeu

  • Irini Barthakouri
  • Thanos Chatzianagnostou
  • Grigoris Danis
  • Dimitris Papadopoulos
  • Haris Charalambou

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24:00Seli Kanou African Dance & Music on Paros European Music Day on Paros with Seli Kanou
Next, we travel to Africa with
Seli Kanou!

  • Anna Karamitsou
  • Antonis Papadopoulos
  • Natassa Pavlatou
  • Christina Chatzipanteli
  • Stavros Markantonis
  • Angeliki Nikolari
  • Haris Kokkini
  • Eleni Ziazopoulou
  • Angeliki Loukaïdi

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00:45 Fragments of Despair on Paros Fragments of Despair on Paros

The night will end on Heavy Metal with
Fragments of Despair

  • Romilos Chondroyiorgakis
  • Stelio Zoumi
  • Yiorgo Tsoli
  • Hari Fokiano

Listen to the Fragments of Despair →

Entrance free to all concerts!

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