Markus Stockhausen

Wednesday 20 July - 21:30

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Tickets: €15 general admission | €12* for university students & unemployed
Free for kids up to 12 years old.
*(discount tickets available only at the door, for holders of unemployment card or uni student card.)

“Night has a thousand eyes”
by Markus Stockhausen

Organized by: Paros Park / Cycladic Cycle
Markus Stockhausen: tpt, flh, keys
Tara Bouman: clarinets
Maria Deli: accordion
Vassilis Rakopoulos: midi – classical guitar

The character of the concert retains affinity with what is internationally described as “intuitive music”, a term which was introduced by Karlheinz Stockhausen and underlines a new approach which propels intuitive music towards a different level of abstraction, interactive interpretation and experimental ethos. One gets the impression that the music is being composed and formed almost “by itself”, on the very moment of the concert.
Under the thousand eyes of the night, musicians explore the Sky in their own way with ethereal wondering sounds. They tend to draw sketches of asterisms. They reconstruct & renovate original compositions, create as well new parts on real time recalling the dramaturgy of the Greek Mythology.

Markus Stockhausen in Concert at Paros Park